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Prayer Hand Mandala : Tutorial, Workout & Flow Session

Prayer Hand Mandala : Tutorial, Workout & Flow Session

There are some hoop moves that float in and out of my practice as favourites. The Prayer Hand Mandala is definitely one of those moves. I made a 3 part series this week to remind us of the beautiful expansion and strength that this move gives the body. You can find the 3 part series on my YouTube channel. On Tuesday I uploaded the Prayer Hand Mandala tutorial, on Wednesday I shared a supportive workout to get our shoulders flexible and strong (a great way to warm up), then on Friday we will rock out the Prayer Hand Flow Session. Make sure you are subscribed to the channel so you don’t miss it and check out my Insta tips at the bottom of this blog.

Mandala hoop moves are those majestic hula hoop tricks that have the hoop creating patterns and circular shapes mostly int he back plane of the body; but like all creative hoopers know there is always space for variation. So this first video this week will break down the Prayer Hand Mandala, how to move in and out of it and some sweet variations.

Prayer Hand Mandala

Strong, flexible, aligned and powerful shoulders are going to make the Prayer Hand Mandala more freeing and accessible for you. It is important to find complimentary practices that support your hoop dance flow, your flexibility and strength so here are 4 moves that I like to do to warm up, tone and strengthen my upper body. Follow along with me. I am going to do each move for 20 seconds and in this video I do 2 sets. Try it with me.

Flexible & Strong Shoulders

And a heart opening flow Session including the Prayer Hand Mandala, fancy palm spins and a cool linear isolation.

Heart Opening Flow Session

Tag me on Instagram if you are loving the Prayer Hand Mandala, the Flow Session or you have some other shoulder warm-ups and stretches that you enjoy! Here are a few more Insta tips to keep you flowing with the Prayer Hand Mandala.


Foot Hooping for Happy Feet : The Basics of Foot Hooping

Foot Hooping for Happy Feet : The Basics of Foot Hooping

Did you know that on an average day of walking around town, the combined weight you put on your feet can total hundreds of tons. That means you totally deserve to put your feet up!

Why not try some foot hooping?!

I made you a fun little video to show you some ways you can get started with foot hooping.

Oh and I am wearing my Happy Socks because they are so cool but hoops love skin so you might like to try these moves without socks!

Already foot hooping? Move your way up and try some of these leg hooping moves.

Ankle breaks Hulahoop Tutorial

Foot Flick Up Hulahoop Tutorial

Knee Breaks Hooping Tutorial

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