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Try These 3 Tricks to Activate Your Coordination & Flow

Try These 3 Tricks to Activate Your Coordination & Flow

You know that saying “you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”? Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? There is nothing great in life that doesn’t take practice, play and persistence. Most of the time on the internet we see the polished final product (except those epic fail compilation videos on YouTube!) but we don’t get to see the hours, weeks, years of practice that goes into the process.

You have to start to be great.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get overwhelmed with big thinking, grand ideas and huge dreams. While this is powerful and exciting it can cripple the execution because it all seems too huge. But a reminder always comes to let me know that it is essential to start somewhere, to start small and work my way up to the bigger stuff.

So with all of that in mind, this week we are starting simple. This week’s tutorial is just seed, a combination of three simple moves as a starter. I hope it grows into magical flow for you!

Tunes to Hoop To : May Hoop Love Playlist

Tunes to Hoop To : May Hoop Love Playlist

Is there a more soul shaking combo than the perfect beat, your favourite hoop and the sun shining down on you?

I don’t think so. That is why I spend countless hours hanging out with this magical trio. Tunes, hoops and sunny days = good vibes. While my hoops are always with me and the sunshine is often a given (at least here in Australia) I have been known to spend countless hours looking for the ideal song to hoop to. The struggle is real. That is why I have been creating monthly hoop playlists over on my Spotify for about a year now! That is a whole lot of hoop music.¬† Meme : My hobbies include spending countless hours searching for the perfect song to hoop to.


You can find my May Hoop Love Playlist here. This month the female vocals are keeping the vibes high yet again. Here are a few of my favs for getting into hoop flow and working up a sweat in the circle!

Dillion Francis’ new video shows how dangerous hula hoops can be…totally inappropriate use of hoops ūüėČ

A new track from calvin Harris and Rhianna – This is what you came for

Epic girl power road block going on in this video clip for Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers ft Daya.
Sweet song for mixing up the tempo in your hoop dance too!

Style icon Connie of Sneaky Sound System giving her soul in I Ain’t Over You

What is your hoop track of the month? 

Download the Hooplovers App : Learn to Hoop Anywhere Anytime

Download the Hooplovers App : Learn to Hoop Anywhere Anytime

Now you can have access to hundreds of hoop dance tutorials and workouts on your phone. Whether you are using iOS or Android you can now download the Hooplovers app and check out all the hoop tutorial playlists anywhere, anytime.

Click here for App Store for iOS (Apple,Mac, iPhone)

And here for Google Play (Android devices)

The coolest part about the new Hooplovers app is you spend less time searching for hoopspiration and lessons because everything is neatly organised into categories so you spend more time hooping and playing!

Oh and did I mention it is FREE!

Hooplovers Official App 100s of hoop dance moves

Google Play Hooplovers App Banner



A Sequence to Activate Your Hoop Flow

A Sequence to Activate Your Hoop Flow

Not a week goes by when I am not tagged on several Social Media posts about hoop dance flow. It is usually a gorgeous soul reaching out for support, insight and sometimes in desperation. The threads or posts usually start something like “please help, I can’t find my hoop dance flow” or “I know lots of tricks but I can’t find my hoop dance flow”

In the past I have made many videos and written several blogs in response to these cries for help. Earlier this year I wrote a blog titled How do I find my hoop dance flow?  giving my greatest tips to activate your hoop dance flow and 11 practical exercises you can do to amp up your flow states.

If those 11 exercises and tips are not enough then you might love this week’s tutorial on my YouTube : How to Find Your Hoop Dance Flow – A Hoop Dance Sequence Tutorial¬†

Get your Hoop Dance Flow on with my 12 week Flow Sessions

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