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You don’t know how to hula hoop? No problem!

You don’t know how to hula hoop? No problem!

Most adults have a similar reaction when they see a hula hoop. They look at the hoop, they look at me and then they usually say, “oh I used to be able to do that when I was young, but I can’t do it anymore!” My response, “Yes you can, give it a try.”

With the right size hoop and some fun and supportive instruction almost all adults can hoop.

Teaching adults to hoop dance never gets boring. There is nothing more heart warming than the sight and sounds of a grown up filled with joy and the sense of accomplishment.

There are hundreds of hoop dance moves and then thousands of combinations and sequences that are great for beginners but there are a few that really make you feel like you are floating when you master them; not all of them have to be super tricky or take long to learn.

This week on my YouTube channel I am teaching one of those beginner moves that is quick to learn but really gets you into the hoop groove. It is a great transition that looks magical and feels divine.

The Horizontal Isolation Down

Some other beginner tutorials to help you along if you are feeling like you can’t hoop

How to Hula Hoop for Total Beginners Part2

Flow Session Beginners Off to On Body

Hey Mama – Hoop Dance Warm Up

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You can’t afford Hoop Love Coach training right now?

You can’t afford Hoop Love Coach training right now?

You can’t afford $399 AUD to do the 12 week Hoop Love Coach training right now.

I totally get it.

I do.

Years ago when I moved back to Australia I was completely broke! I knew I had to do something to turn our lives around, to create a life that would fulfil us and support us financially but I felt stuck. At the time Masao (my husband and creative force behind was unable to work in Australia while he was waiting for his visa to be approved, we were acclimatising to a new country and I was feeling totally lost.

I remember sitting up late staring at my laptop screen, head in my hands, heart heavy and tears streaming down my face. There was an online course that I believed would help me make some big shifts in our lives. But it was expensive. Far more than I could afford. It was $2000 US dollars. I did not have that kind of money to spend on an online, self paced course with no guarantees.

But part of me knew that what I would gain from the course would change our lives.

After much heart ache and tears I made a list. A list of all the things I was going to gain and a list of all the reasons why I shouldn’t or couldn’t do the course. That’s when I realised that the only thing that was holding me back was a price tag. All of the positive things I would gain by taking the leap far outweighed the one thing that was standing in my way.

Make Yes Lists Hooplove Coach Training Note Book Image
Long story short, I had faith in myself. Despite it being one of the biggest struggles of my life I found the money, I did the course. The visions I held, the abundance I wished for, the connections I dreamt of all came rolling into our lives. Life completely changed.

The memories of those huge hurdles and struggles still feel very real.

So I totally, 100% get it.

I understand what it feels like not to be able to afford something.

My advice to you. Make a list. The reasons to say YES on one side and the reasons to say NO on the other.

If the YES outweighs the NO then I will see you in September for the next Hoop Love Coach training

Next Hoop Love Coach Training Starts September 1.

Let’s make it happen!

April Hoop Love – Hooping Playlist

April Hoop Love – Hooping Playlist

It is not uncommon to find me trying to get close to speakers in cafes, shops, clubs and restaurants trying to Shazam songs. Every song has potential to be a “hoop song” and if I hear a catchy beat or a sweet lyric I simply have to know what the song title is; always keeping my ears open for a new hoop song.

This month the April Hoop Love playlist is a combo of new and not so new tunes, a couple that I have fought to Shazam in noisy places and a few have come from the divine Browse function on Spotify. You can find the link to April Hoop Love Playlist here

Every song has a meaning and a feeling behind it, I often float into that feeling or memory when I hoop to the song.

A sweet remix of a tune I Shazamed recently while sitting by a pool in Bali with friends.

Wildlight – Twirl Me / Pumpkin Reminx

This one got Shazamed in the back of an Uber rushing to a train station after visiting a friend

Riton Ft. Kah-Lo – Rinse & Repeat

This Odesza song makes my heart ache, reminds me of staying up all night with friends in Melbourne dancing under fairy lights and telling funny stories on beanbags until the sun came up. I can barely listen to it without tears filling my eyes.

ODESZA – Kusanagi

Any thing Sia…really. Extra heart pounding points if it is live. I think this is one of my favourite songs though. Her version of this on the Spotify Sessions is breathtaking!

Sia – Bird Set Free

Do you use Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music or another way to compile your hoop playlists?

What songs are rocking your hoop this month?

Basic Escalator Tutorial : Beginner Hoop Dance

Basic Escalator Tutorial : Beginner Hoop Dance

The Escalator was one of the first hooping “tricks” I learned. Back then it was referred to as the Circus Start. This move and it’s unlimited variations have become a huge trend in contemporary hoop dance so I have included a few extra tutorials below to help you out with some creative ideas.

I have grown to love Escalator moves so much that I created a whole online workshop with over 40 moves. You can check that out here. 

This week I share with you the basic escalator and then scroll down for some more escalator variations. You can find a whole YouTube playlist here.

1. Beginner Basic Escalator Hooping Tutorial

2. Two Escalator Hooping Variations

3. Pinch Break Hooping Escalator

2. Two Reverse Escalator Hooping Variations

Learn more about Escalator hooping? Make sure to check and download my online workshop.

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