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Off Body Hoop Dance Workout – I Got U Duke Dumont

Off Body Hoop Dance Workout – I Got U Duke Dumont

I Got U by Duke Dumont is such a fun Summer festival kind of song that I couldn’t resist creating this funky, off body hoop dance workout. But just because it is playful and fun doesn’t mean this is not going to give you a rocking workout.

The moves are all off body so you can use any hoop you like but the energy really picks up and the isolations are killer for toning your arms. So enjoy every moment.

Try it a few times with me, follow along watching the video on my YouTube. Then download the workout notes below and grab the song; you are ready to work it into your daily playtime for an extra cardio workout and a total coordination amplifier.

Download and/or print out this week’s Hoop Love Body workout here. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @deannelovexo #hooplovers #hooplovebody when you rock this one out.


Sorry – Justin Bieber – Upper Body and Core Hoop Workout

Sorry – Justin Bieber – Upper Body and Core Hoop Workout

Whether you like or loathe the Biebs you have to admit that some of the tracks on his new album are pretty freakin’ catchy. Ideal for doing Hoop Love Body workouts because of the sweet melodies and repetitive beats.

So this week I chose Sorry by Justin Bieber to give you a seriously rocking upper body and core workout. This one is going to make you sweat with it’s cardio dance focus but most importantly you are going to be challenged to engage your core at all times, be hyper aware of your posture and form. You are going to need to find the beat to keep that hoop moving.

If you are new to hooping or still working on the Upper Body moves and Vertical Hooping found in this Hoop Love Body workout then make sure you grab my Upper Body Hooping workshop here. This workshop breaks down each of the moves and supports you to get really strong with these challenging upper body moves.

Watch the Hoop Love Body workout to Sorry on YouTube, follow along with me and remember to try it a few times to kick start your muscle memory and begin building strength. This is the fun way to drill!

Then you can download the workout plan here with a full list of all of the moves in order. Print it out and take it with you or download it to have on your phone at the gym, in the studio, in your bedroom.

Don’t forget to hashtag #hooplovers or #hooplovebody to share your workout fun, results or even cute bloopers!



If you missed last week’s Hoop Love Body workout out to Beautiful Liar, try it here. And find the workout trick list here. Try the Beautiful Liar workout as a warm up, doing it in both directions and when you are feeling ready kick start the Sorry hoop workout.

If you need extra help with form and understanding the moves in any of these Hoop Love Body workouts then check on my online workshops.

Beautiful Liar – Hoop Workout Core Fitness

Beautiful Liar – Hoop Workout Core Fitness

Want to get stronger this year? Of course you do! Try out the first workout of 2016 up on the Hooplovers YouTube. A fun and sassy combo of on body hooping, foot work and arm/hand creativity. See if you can get all three going at once.

Grab your hoop, follow along with me, the moves repeat throughout the workout so as you build strength and coordination you will easily get the hang of this one to Beautiful Liar.  It helps to try it a few times until your muscle memory kicks in and you remember the whole workout.

Download the workout plan here if you want to print it out to take it to the park, gym or just like some notes to inspire you.

This one is sassy so don’t be afraid to get fierce with this, work in your own style.

If you need extra support with your on body hooping try my Foundations of Hooping workshop here then come and work out with me.


Hooplovers Hoop Love Body Work Out Plan BEAUTIFULLIAR

Share your Hoop Love Body workouts on Instagram and inspire all of your friends to rock the hoop too. Find me @deannelovexo and share your version of this workout by using the hashtag #hooplovers or #hooplovebody when you post.

If you love this kind of hoop workout, let me know in the comments below what song I should do next. 

8 Reasons Why You Need to Start Hula Hooping in 2016

8 Reasons Why You Need to Start Hula Hooping in 2016

UPDATED : This blog has been updated because there are so many more reasons to start hooping : 10 Reasons Why you Need to Start Hooping NOW

Hooping is growing in popularity around the world as a creative hobby, fun way to keep fit and for many a whole new lifestyle and career shift. Check out these powerful reasons why hula hooping is not just child’s play but an incredible support for health, well being, creativity and connection.

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1. Good Mood Generator

When you hoop up a sweat & increase your heart rate levels of neurochemicals serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine rise in your body. This is what makes you feel oh so good while dancing around in your hoop.

2. Belly Blaster

Excess fat around the midsection is a strong risk factor for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even some types of cancers. Blasting away belly fat by hooping is not only fun but it is essential for your health.

3. Stand Taller

Core strength is king! The strong core you gain from hooping will not only help to prevent pain and injury it will strengthen and improve your posture.

4. Disco Dancer

There is nothing worse than hearing your fav song come on but feeling too intimidated to dance and express yourself. The hoop is the ultimate dance teacher and partner.

5. Heart Starter

A strong, healthy heart is essential. Increasing the heart rate often through hooping not only builds stamina and strength but helps to burn fat and support weight loss.

Got 7 minutes a day? Let’s do this! Move your body & Love it

6. Balance Giver

Hooping uses the left and right side of the brain and body improving strength and balance. When the body and mind are in balance so is life. The ultimate goal.

7. Brain Booster

Our beautiful brains have the ability to grow with new behaviours, experiences and focus. This is called neuroplasticity. As hoopers constantly learning moves and meeting new challenges we are strengthening our brains.

8. Friend Finder

Hooping is a great way to make new friends. With hoop groups and classes popping up all over the world and internet it is easy to find new hooper friends anywhere. Teach a friend today!


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