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Hooping Day Sale

Hooping Day Sale

YAY it’s our mega Hooping Day Sale! Use the code HOOPINGDAY to get 40% off all hooping workshops plus already discounted workshop bundles! Check all the links below.

Huge gratitude to all of you Hoop Lovers this year. Thank you a million times over for everything you have shared. We really appreciate it!


All prices in Australian Dollars (making it crazy cheap if you are buying with US dollars, Pounds or Euro!!)

On Body Foundations was $20 NOW $12

Upper Body Workshop was $40 NOW $24

Beauty in the Breaks was $40 NOW $24

Off Body Hooping was $40 NOW $24

Escalator Combinations 40+ Moves was $40 NOW $24

12 Week Flow Sessions was $40 NOW $24

Total Hoop Lover Bundle : 6 Workshops Over 150 Moves was $180 NOW ONLY $108

On Body + Off Body + Flow Sessions was $90 NOW $54

Upper Body + Breaks + Escalators : Going Next Level was $110 NOW $66

USE THE CODE HOOPINGDAY TO GET 40% OFF until Dec 29, 2015 midnight (AEDT Melbourne)

Hoop House Party Playlist

Hoop House Party Playlist

Tis the season for a rocking hoop house party! Whether it’s a hoop party for one or a pumping hoop jam you are going to need music. So I put together a 3hr playlist for you here on Spotify.

If you are not on Spotify check out the screenshot below of the first 10 songs on the Hoop House Party playlist and then a few extra ideas below. Enjoy!

Bang My Head (love to hoop to Sia)

Chunky : Formet:B

Working It

Some great tempo changes in this track to make for fun hooping creativity

Some floating tracks like Body Language by Booka Shade vs MANDY

And anthems like Finally by Cece Peniston


What is on your Hoop House Party playlist right now?

Holiday Workouts You Can Do in 5 Minutes

Holiday Workouts You Can Do in 5 Minutes

It is easy to feel like you literally have no time at all to take care of yourself around the holiday season. But we all know what happens when you are overworked and overindulged. Energy gets low, emotions get frazzled and you start to feel less than amazing.

Here are some quick hoop workouts that take 5 minutes or less and will have you feeling fabulous.

The 5 minute belly blast hula hoop workout is 5 moves in 5 minutes. So grab your hoop anytime you are feeling less than vibrant, excuse yourself from the festivities for 5 minutes and go and get your hoop glow on!

These 4 power moves with your hoop are designed for magnifying your core strength. Start off easy and build your way up to 1 minute per day to feel amazing results in your posture, fitness, strength and fat burning. Best of all, these are fun. Promise you will get a giggle out of this one.

Want more fun workouts for these holidays? Check out this whole playlist of hooping workouts for core strength and cardio fitness. Did I mention they were all fun, fast and fabulous?

The Most Fun Way to Improve Your Core Strength – 4 Moves Hoop Workout

The Most Fun Way to Improve Your Core Strength – 4 Moves Hoop Workout

What is this core strength they speak of and why do we need it anyway?

Well the core is that hugging group of muscles that all hang together around our back, side body, abdominals and hips. When strong and nurtured they are the muscles that are responsible for keeping us confidently upright, free of injury, clear of back pain and feeling strong.

Slouching, sitting, driving and too much chillaxing is ultimately going to lead to weakened muscles in the core.

Lucky for us as hoopers we have a fun way to build and maintain core strength. But not all hoop moves were born equal. This week we are doing a core drill using the 4 most powerful core strengthening moves.

They are not easy and require your full attention, deep breaths, aligned posture and a sense of booty bumping humour. With playtime you will be feeling much stronger but I highly recommend committing to this drill at least 5 times a week (that’s just 4 mins a day) for a month and see if you notice the benefits.

I am going to be doing this daily until 2016. Join me on Instagram @deannelovexo and #hooplovers #4hoopfun

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