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Hooping Workouts : Full Body Dance Workouts for Fun and Fitness

Hooping Workouts : Full Body Dance Workouts for Fun and Fitness

It is time to get healthy and strong for life, not just for the Summer.

Hooping is playful, fun and an incredible workout. With the right size hoop, a little bit of space and my hoop dance workouts you are on your way to feeling good, looking fabulous and having a lot of fun!

Whether you are a total beginner (watch some Total Beginner tutorials with me here) or you are looking for a high intensity, full body workout you are going to love the energy and results these hula hoop workouts bring.

This week’s hoop dance warm up or workout is choreographed to Hey Mama by David Guetta and Nicki Minaj. Totally rock this one out, try it a few times to get used to the choreo and then use it for your home hoop workouts or in your next hoop class!

Check out my full playlist of hoop workouts on YouTube and subscribe for weekly updates. 

Hoop Dance Fitness Flow – High Knee Coordination

Hoop Dance Fitness Flow – High Knee Coordination

Need some Monday Motivation? I have got you sorted this week with a hoop dance fitness flow that you can use as a warm up for your hooping playtime or repeat the moves for an extra workout. You can also match these moves to your favourite upbeat song and create a fun cardio dance workout.

There are 5 moves that are designed to improve your coordination, both left and right hands and legs will be working this one out. These high knee moves are going to amplify your strength and balance; two things that hoopers need to find more stability and flow in their hooping.

Try each move individually, get the feel for the timing and work out any of the passes or reversals. Watch the slow mo versions below then see one example of grooving the 5 moves together to create a warm up or workout.

This is a great drill that you could try daily for a few minutes of strength and fitness training. Even if you don’t have time to hoop you could try this quick choreo out to get your heart pumping and your hoop moving!

Now check out the full fitness flow.

This is a great warm up or work out for any level of hooper. Even if you are a rad trickster or advanced hoop dance teacher bringing strengthening drills into your hoop dance practice will help you to find more endurance and connection with your hoop.

If you have your own variation using these 5 moves or you match the fitness flow to your favourite song please share it with me. If you and your hoop students use this as your class warm up please show us your awesomeness.

The Benefits of Learning Hoop Dance Choreography

The Benefits of Learning Hoop Dance Choreography

It has been very exciting to see some many hoopers pick up the recent Lean On hoop dance choreography. Hoop dance teachers around the world are sharing it with their students and I have been watching the variations on Facebook and Instagram.

Learning hoop dance choreography, not just one off tricks, is valuable for so many reasons:

– it truly activates both the body and the brain

– it helps to improve your coordination and balance

– it requires focus and puts your memory skills to the test

– finding your flow makes you feel good about yourself, it is a real boost

– it amplifies the creativity factor and you find new ways to express through the hoop dance

– you discover new ways of transitioning through hoop dance moves

– it gives you a full body workout as you dance all of the moves together

– you become open to new possibilities as a hoop dancer and you recognise patterns of movement that suit your style

What do you think? Have you felt the good vibes? What has learning hoop dance shifted for you?

This week we are learning the chorus of Lean On.

If you need to see the whole hoop dance you can find it here. And the first verse is right here. 

Are you learning this on your own? In class? Or in an online group? I would love to hear from you and especially love to see if you have put your own twist on this choreography.

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