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Make a List, Manifest Miracles : 40 Days of Flow

Make a List, Manifest Miracles : 40 Days of Flow

There are 3 words that come to mind when I daydream about the 40 Days of Flow

Connection  Presence  Miracles

The annual 40 Days of Flow is a reset. Designed to sweep out life clutter, lingering habits, feelings or blockages. The focus is on making a list of daily practices that you want to reignite in your life and commit to spending 1min to 1 hour on each practice everyday. It is not about trying to cram more things into your life, it is about flinging open the windows, throwing the things you no longer need to the wind (figuratively of course; do not throw your unwanted clothes in the street) and inviting in a commitment to taking action on the elements that make life glorious.

So the 40 Days of Flow is about focus. Flow itself comes when we focus on doing what we love in a manner that allows us to simply let go and let flow.

In preparation for June 1 I highly recommend taking a moment or two wrapped up in your own ritual of letting go of what is no longer needed. Perhaps some feelings that are holding you back, some negativity that has got you stuck, some habits that are weighing you down. Need some help with that? 

Next you will want to choose the habits you need to reboot. I am choosing 7 core habits and staying open to new ones that come through.

What are the habits that you spend time “shoulding” your self about?

“I really should do yoga every morning” “I should get up an hour earlier everyday” “I should take my vitamins everyday” “I really should pick up my hoop each day” Actions you can take daily.

Also think about the times when you have felt the most authentic and alive in your body and mind. What practices helped these feelings?

Make a list.

Last year I had 7 habits I wanted to roll with.

  1. I will meditate daily. Exploring various practices.
  2. I will hydrate my cells with shitloads of water daily.
  3. I will hoop daily.
  4. I will create a daily positive mantra and say/sing/chant/scream/whisper it to myself morning, noon and night as well as anytime I am feeling a little off.
  5. I will write something, anything with my hands in my journal everyday.
  6. I will try one new thing everyday. Yikes!
  7. I will feed my body nutrient rich foods every day.

This year I will be using the Habit Clock app again and I am going to make my mornings powerful so miracles can unfold throughout the day.I am also going to put a time limit on everything so I condense the power habits into a morning time slot and let the magic filter through for the rest of the day.

It will look something like this…

  • 7 minutes of mantras
  • 7 minutes of yoga/breath work/meditation
  • 7 minutes of hooping
  • 7 minutes of high intensity intervals training
  • 7 minutes of writing
  • 7 minutes of organising
  • 1L of water

Now it is your turn, try writing a list of positive habits you would like to reboot, power up or keep in your day. Simple but powerful.

From June 1 together we are going to commit to practicing our list everyday for 40 days and beyond.

June 1 is very soon. I didn’t want to give you too much time to think about it and come up with reasons why it might not be a good time for you (to feel amazing).

Set up your day for success.

Each morning it is vital to set up your desired feeling for the day. In the morning when you wake up take a moment to focus on how you want to feel for the day. As often as you can throughout the day come back to that intention.

Each day I will share a vlog on my YouTube channel

And if you want to share your progress and inspiration you can #40daysofflow on instagram or add it to the Hooplovers group. Invite your friends and family, we all need some good feels right now. Expect magic to happen.

What’s on your list?


Follow along with the daily vlogs this year and share your own wisdom and shifts


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How to Let Go and Move Forward

How to Let Go and Move Forward

As miserable as it sounds, sometimes our problems give us comfort, our dramas fill in gaps and our negative self-talk becomes like a familiar old mate. Worry and stress can become the norm. While none of this serves any positive purpose in our lives it can feel hard to let go of a sensation or ongoing habit that gives us energy and power.

The merry go round of mind chatter and the heavy weight of stress does little more than hold us back, cause blockages and ultimately disease in our lives. So how do we let go and move forward?


Here are some actions to unwind the tangle and dance forward with freedom:


Doodle. Yes pick up a pencil and scribble out your frustrations, let out your stress and bring in calm with each stroke of the pen. Call it art therapy if you will but the next time you find stressful or painful thoughts overcoming you try picking up your favourite colour.

Change something. Anything. Change the flowers in your office, the nasty thought you just had about yourself, the Feng shui of your bedroom, your phone number (if need be), the amount of money you spend on pizza each week, how you get to work, where you go on weekends, who you hang out with, how you speak to your partner, the expectations that you put on yourself and others…. oh this list could go on and on and on. You get the picture.

Back up your bucket. Create a reverse bucket list, write down all the things you have accomplished or good vibes your have felt in the last hour/today/this week/month/lifetime. Instead of fixating on the future and any potential obstacles in your way why not celebrate the past and feel good about your achievements. You have come so far and done so much, this is only the beginning.

Dance. Go on, really get your Footloose on. Play radio roulette (or Spotify if you are feeling fancy), whatever song comes on, turn it up and burn it up…the dance floor that is. Bonus points if a hula hoop, a costume piece or lip synching is involved in some way.

Act it out. That thought that you are playing over and over, the imaginary encounter, the way your self talk just put you down, the worry that you have about that thing in the future that hasn’t even occurred yet; role play it. Say it out loud. Set it free outside of your body and thoughts. Give it a voice that brings it to the present and makes you more conscious of the words and feelings you say to yourself. If you wouldn’t say them to someone else, then why say them to yourself?

Burn it. Write down your problems and causes of stress on small pieces of paper, then burn them. Carefully. This may not make all the darkness disappear but it with bring ritual to releasing the emotions built up around the problems.

Pinkie promise. Make a decision to release, a commitment to let go. It is you that is carrying the heaviness and you that can make the call to be responsible for the letting go.

Strike a pose. There’s nothing to it. Try some effective Kundalini yoga poses to sweep out the old and in with the vibrant, new energy.

Something new. Dive into a new skill or hobby to bring all the wonders of being a beginner into your life.

Channel. Take the power of the negative feelings, worry and doubt that you are churning in your body and use it for the forces of good. Funnel the energy into a focussed intention on goodness, light, miracles and fun.

Sparkle vision. Visualise an empowered, activated, joyous, content, balanced, stress-free YOU. Do this often, daily in fact. Make it your mission to outweigh the negative imaginings with the positive ones. this takes practice. Commit now

Get real. Try catching your emotions as they arise and replace them with the cold hard facts of your life. The next time you catch yourself feeling “I can never get that job promotion, I am not good enough” replace that emotion with something factual in your life that is happening right now “I met three new people today and caught the new train home” The facts represent living in the present and they don’t have negative emotions attached to them. Recalling the facts shifts your perspective to NOW – the only moment there is.

Make a mantra. Spend some time writing and remembering a mantra or song you can sing to yourself when the stress takes over. Keep it positive and high vibes, it could be a poem or a prayer. Store it in your memory bank and hit play every time thoughts get heavy.

Sweat it out. Let the darkness drip from your skin. Sounds kind of evil but will create heavenly outcomes. When we active the body and move it into detox mode we are wringing out more than just the extra chocolate bar we ate. Getting sweaty releases endorphins and those chemicals naturally numb the pain.

Delete button. It is not always possible to simply erase problems and stress; if only that button existed. But it is essential to remember you have options. Change it, accept it or erase it.


How do you let go of heaviness, habits or anything that is holding you back?

As important preparation for the 40 Days of Flow starting June 1, make a mental or physical list of the hooks in your life that you are ready to let go of.


Too Busy to Play? 3 Ways to Make Sure You Get Your Playtime

Too Busy to Play? 3 Ways to Make Sure You Get Your Playtime

Has time sped up? Surely that is the reason. It seems like everyone these days is “busy”. And if we are not busy there is something lacking; potentially sliding down the scale on the cool-o-meter.

As I rushed through an office equipment superstore today looking for extra storage, more paper and of course cute notepads and pencils (that I likely did not need) I was stopped by the extraordinary amount of fashionable productivity props. Glossy posters of perfectly designed desk accessories, stylish to-do lists, quirky post-it notes, sleek organisers etc. Thinking to myself “productivity sells!”  Are we in an age where we are so busy getting busy that we are tying ourselves in unproductive knots?

I get bitten by the busy bug all too often. I am a Capricorn it is my birth right! “Work” takes precedence over absolutely everything in my life.

But what about balance? The work hard/play hard theory can exist and productivity is completely accessible with or without the colourful stationary and funky diaries.

Here are my three steps to a productive day and making sure that hoop/play time is left wide open.

Morning Brain Dump. Get it out and onto paper/iPad. There is nothing worse than a head cluttered with spiralling to-do-lists. Just like that first caffeine hit gives you a spring in your step, writing a list of things you are focusing on for the day will make space in your brain for creativity.

You can even break up your Morning Brain Dump into priority groups. Absolutely, positively must get done by 1pm. Will get to in the afternoon. Want to work on today. Something like that.

Schedule it in. Make joy a priority in your day and schedule in “feel good time” In these 10/30/60 minute time slots schedule in something you love to do. HOOP, have a cup of tea and read, stretch, draw, garden, sing, create a vision board etc Allowing these essential moments in your day will not only boost your emotions they will add to your clarity.

Cut the crap. Part of our “busy”ness is also responding to the constant alarms of distractions that are all around. Cell phones, social media updates, magazine covers, text messages, Google! These distractions trick us into thinking we are fabulous multi-tasking robots but really all they are doing is killing productivity, damaging focus and cutting into precious play time.

Solid chunks of work time without any distractions can be far more productive than a whole day of being dragged all over by interfering Facebook feeds.

Do a distraction detox and feel the cleansing benefits.

Now with all of the extra time on your hands you can go hoop.

How do you make time in your day for the things you love and ned the most?

May Hoop Love Playlist

May Hoop Love Playlist

So many new tunes rocking my hoops this month. I have started to create the May Hoop Love Playlist here and will continue to add to it throughout the month.


Here are some of my favs, please share yours in the comments below. I have a crush on new music!


Share the love and leave me a comment below with your fav song titles of the month!

Two Handed Mandala Tutorial

Two Handed Mandala Tutorial

Mandala hoop moves are some of my favourites. Moving through the back plane is always so heart opening and just a really great release. The two handed mandala was a move that had fallen victim to my increasing hoop amnesia; it had dropped out of my flow sessions. I am so happy to have been… Continue Reading

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