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3 Transitions to Wedgie Breaks

3 Transitions to Wedgie Breaks

If you are not a hooper the title to this post must seem a little strange. In any other speak what could this possibly mean.

Wedgies are all the rage right now in hooping, so it was only a matter of time before we started exploring all the creative ways we can get into a wedgie.

If you remember a while back Emma Kenne of Hooping Mad created this awesome tutorial, starting with a back spin.

My biggest wedgie tip…

In this week’s tutorial on the Hooplovers YouTube channel I am going to show you 3 ways you can transition into continuous wedgie breaks.

Become a More Confident Hooper

Become a More Confident Hooper

When you consider your hoop dance confidence what feelings bubble up?

Hooping is one of those magical activities that not only requires a great deal of confidence but can also help to spin up new found self assurance. On one hand it can be nerve wracking and exciting to have to “show off” or hoop in front of others but it can also be exhilarating when you discover new grooves and skills. It can be challenging when something that you are working on doesn’t seem to be coming together yet boosting when you finally nail it.

How do you build confidence inside your hoop? How do you find belief in your abilities? I would love to hear about your path to hoop confidence.

I made you a quick video about the 3 ways I build hoop confidence and look forward to reading your comments below!

Oh and my t-shirt is from Alphabet Hoops 

Perhaps you have felt a lack of confidence while hooping. How have you overcome that? Share your story and support others on their path to growth.

April Hoop Love Playlist – 200 Songs to Rock Your Hoop

April Hoop Love Playlist – 200 Songs to Rock Your Hoop

I am not really a collector of many things but I do tend to hoard hoops and music…oh and maybe Converse shoes. My collection of tunes just keeps expanding, I spend hours and hours every week listening out for new tracks, making the world stop turning when I hear a song somewhere and must Shazam it and trawling through random Spotify playlists. So I thought it might be a nice idea if we swap playlists.

So I whipped up a hooping collection for this month. 200 songs to jam to, in no particular order so you might like to rearrange the vibe to suit your hoop style and energy.

You can check out the 200 songs for this month on Spotify right here and if you want to swap you can always leave me a link below to your playlist or some song titles that you are loving right now. Thanks a million. New music YAY!

There are always favourites in any playlist that get put on repeat. This month I would have to say those are:


Nicki Minaj – Trini Dem Girl and THIS choreo

Prince – Dance 4 Me

Umami – Sunny


Skrillex and Diplo – Where Are U Now

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