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5 Hoop Moves for Total Beginners

5 Hoop Moves for Total Beginners


Even if you have just begun your hoop journey there are a few foundation moves that are going to get your feeling confident in your hoop fairly quickly.

There are so many hoop moves but here are 5 quick hoop tricks to help you get started.


The move that everyone considers the epitome of hula hooping. Try these tutorials to get you waist hooping.

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These are also called off body moves, and there are so many but as a beginner try these 3 hand tricks to get you started


A funny name for a hoop move but a great one to have you feeling like a circus star right from the beginning. You can try it right now, grab any size hoop and watch this tutorial.

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Because you deserve one!



These moves are the magic of hoop dance but will also give your great strength and coordination.



These are just five ways that you can start to improve your hula hoop skills, bring in new strength and creativity. If you want to learn all of the foundations and know how you can use a hoop for fun and fitness then grab the Total Beginner workout with over 60 lessons you can use anywhere, anytime.

Dance with Your Hoop Right From the Beginning

Dance with Your Hoop Right From the Beginning

When you first pick up your hoop there are a few things that you will probably want to try out; waist hooping, giving it a spin on your hand or arm and maybe a cool trick or two that you have seen before.

My biggest suggestion though is to try dancing with your hoop right from the very beginning of your journey.

In June/July of this year I am excited to go to Sacred Circularities in Bali and dance with some hoopers that are new to the hoop life. We are going to explore a whole range of goodness but the essence will be DANCE.

In this video I share with you 4 fun ways to dance with your hoop when you are just starting out.

  1. Play with the energy of spinning and stopping.
  2. Play with spinning the hoop on and off your body in both directions
  3. Play with creative ways to move the hoop on to your body and off your body.
  4. Play with your hoop on different planes.

Hayley Hoopla Teaches Us to Sneeze

Hayley Hoopla Teaches Us to Sneeze

Hooping has connected me with some incredibly colourful creatives.

Hayley Hoopla is definitely one of the most talented performers, costume creators and kids entertainers I have had the absolute pleasure of being connected with. Among many other super duper fun things that Hayley does she teaches a Hooplovers hoop class once a week in Melbourne.
Every single one of her classes feels like a wonderland of super fun choreography and hoop theatrics.

So I thought we should share some of her magic with you!

Enjoy the colour and fun in this video as Hayley Hoopla aka Hoop Dogg teaches you The Sneeze.

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