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Dancing Hoop Moves Together – Behind the Back Flow Session

Dancing Hoop Moves Together – Behind the Back Flow Session

Every day for the month of February I am sharing a hoop focus including a tutorial and song inspiration. A few days ago I put the challenge out there to transition 3 behind the back moves together. The behind the back elbow pass, behind the back jump through and behind the back palm spin. I videoed what one version of that flow session might look like and put it up on my Instagram account.

It got shared around and a few hoopers commented and said they would like to see a tutorial. So we made one for you! A Behind the Back Flow Session.

The process of creating Flow Sessions can be super fun. Grab three or four moves you are loving, a song you adore and play until it all melts together.

Here are tutorials for the moves used in this week’s flow session.




Still Can’t Shoulder Hoop? Let Me Show You Why

Still Can’t Shoulder Hoop? Let Me Show You Why

Yes it is one of the trickiest moves to master in hoop dance but a sweet spot worth playing for; shoulder hooping.

You will find yourself either waddling around like a penguin or flapping and flailing like a malfunctioning robot. You will likely want to give up several times but shoulder hooping can really become your happy place. So if you are trying without success to hula hoop around your shoulders, I am about to help you out!



There are some common mistakes that we all make when trying to learn to shoulder hoop and this week’s tutorial gives you 5 areas to trouble shoot.

Check out the video below for extra tips

  1. Your hoop is too small
  2. You can’t stop twerking
  3. Your arms are getting in the way
  4. You haven’t felt the difference between spinning and stillness
  5. You are too wobbly

When you get it share it #hooplovers or @deannelovexo on Instagram. Time to celebrate.

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Shoulder Hoop

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