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Pinch Break Escalator Flow Session

Pinch Break Escalator Flow Session

Thought it was about time I did another Flow Session tutorial, it is almost the end of the year so it is time to celebrate.

Plus moving through hoop tricks in a Flow Session style is the most awesome way to not only learn new moves but also improve the way you groove from one to the next. If all you learn is trick after trick you may be stuck on transitions when it comes time to really flow.

In this week’s tutorial we are looking at some fluid off body movements that include a pinch break, contact moves and a body roll.

I am using a 90cm Super Hooper polypro but you can use any size that feels good for you.

For more Flow Sessions try the 12 week online lessons that will teach you 12 new Flow Sessions with bonus video and ebook so you can create your own Flow Sessions. Check it out!

Hoop Boot Camp Core Workout

Hoop Boot Camp Core Workout

Do you use your hoop for fitness as well as fun?

Whether you realise it or not every time you jump into your hoop for some playtime, as long as you are conscious of correct posture and alignment, you are giving yourself a workout. I know what you are thinking; how can something so fun be so good for you?

If you are like me you have felt and seen the benefits hooping has for your physical strength and shape. I have enjoyed the body changing effects hoop dance has had on me but I wanted to add something different to my daily practices. So I asked long time personal trainer Lori Cucinotta if she would create a program for me that included hooping but would also give me a focussed workout that would help me feel stronger.

The thing is I hate working out.

I love to dance, hoop and play but the moment I have to do boring repetitions or squats I lose interest. I had fallen off the personal training band wagon so many times and was starting to feel bad about it. So I asked if Lori could develop a program for me that would include hooping but ultimately make me a stronger hoop dancer. Each move had to include the hoop, that was my only rule.

So here is the first of many Hoop Boot Camp interval training workouts. This one is all about the core; that means focus on being centred and balanced.

Everything is Connected – Try this 3 hoop formation

Everything is Connected – Try this 3 hoop formation

Did you notice when you started hooping that things began to shift in your life?

Perhaps you felt the desire to eat healthier, maybe you found a more youthful perspective, you possible created new relationships and released old ones, maybe you toned up your body and felt more confident, you may have felt your moods lighten, your system align, your thoughts change and your life open in new ways.

Although you may have been thankful for the sweet coincidences and synchronicity, this was no accident.

It is a proven fact that when we alter one part of our life or body that other areas shift as well. All pieces of the puzzle are formed to connect.

In hooping the analogy I like to use is the connectedness of multiple hoops. When we play with multiple hoops or witness the creativity and beauty of Native American hoop dance we can see how essential balance and support is to build shape. If one hoop is to be added or fall away it becomes a different story, a new shape.

You can test this theory out. Grab 2, 3, 4 or more hoops and see if you can create shapes by shifting your body and the placement of the hoops. The possibilities are endless. The best thing to do is keep moving, keep creating, keep smiling!

Try this 3 to 2 hoop transition and be sure to share your own new creations. Lots of discoveries to be made!



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