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Twin Hooping : Fun or Frustrating?

Twin Hooping : Fun or Frustrating?

Sure they look magical and oh so tricky but when you pick up your own twin hoops you wonder why you are not feeling the flow like that incredible hooper you watched for 15 seconds on instagram.

I get it!

I still remember my early learning process with a set of heavy twins. I would go to the park, plug in my ipod, stand under the shade of a tree and practice repetitively for hours. Phew! Hard work!

Yes it took time but there was something really meditative about the balance, focus and intensity that learning the foundations of twin moves took.

The other up side was all this practice completely strengthened my body, healed an old shoulder injury and gave me greater confidence.

While it is powerful to learn the foundations of off body spinning and weaves, it is never too early to get a bit fabulous with it all.

Remember two hoops can be double the trouble, but twice the fun. Try that mantra with a smile every time you feel the twin hoop fear. DOUBLE THE TROUBLE, TWICE THE FUN! Breathe and smile.

Here is a fancy twin flow session that you can use to build strength and coordination. The Double Extension Twisters not only look gorgeous they feel amazing too.

Want more twin hooping fun? Check out this playlist of completely free twin hoop tutorials.

Daily Hoop Love – Monthly Hoop Workout & Play Calendar

Daily Hoop Love – Monthly Hoop Workout & Play Calendar

We wanted to let you in on something uber exciting that we have been working on! As you know we share a fresh, new  tutorial every week on the Hooplovers YouTube channel but have always dreamed of doing daily videos. The ultimate goal is to have some daily hoop fun to soak up all of the delicious benefits of hooping, movement, dance and play. So from December onwards we are sharing a free Daily Hoop Love calendar that will guide you and give you hoopspiration every day of the month.

Each month will have a theme and each day will offer a new focus. Some things you may have already played with so they will be a recap and strengthening and others will be new challenges.

You can use the calendar to keep you on track with your practice time. Download it, print it out and check off each day as you complete it. Then share your progress to inspire and keep us all motivated. You may use the daily suggested hoopsiration/video/idea as your warm up or use it as the whole focus of your hoop playtime for that day.

December will be known as DANCEMBER and will focus on daily dance movements & workouts with your hoop to build strength, confidence, play and skill into your hoop time. As you finish each day you can check it off and share your success/fun/blooper/benefits/feelings picture or video on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #dailyhooplove or #hooplovers so we can all keep each other motivated!

The calendars will be available for free download and ready to print just before the 1st of each month, you will get the secret password to access them via the Hooplovers Love Letter – so make sure you sign up for the newsletter to get your password each month!

Excited to hoop with you every day! Imagine how divine life will be (more than it already is)!


Hooping Helped Her to Find Herself and Her Tribe : Stephanie Walsh – Just Flow Fun

Hooping Helped Her to Find Herself and Her Tribe : Stephanie Walsh – Just Flow Fun

When life changes in painful ways our soul has a way of reaching up from the depths and sharing it’s purpose. Stephanie Walsh the founder of Just Flow Fun shares her powerful story of loss and how her hoop dance helped to find balance. She has gone on to be a shining leader in her community and a light in the global community.  I am lucky enough to be connected with Stephanie through her Hoop Love Coach training and beyond; so it was extra sweet to get to do this interview with her.

What is your hoop story? We have a feeling there is divine magic at work!

​​​After 9+ years of hula hooping in my home to stay fit as a single mom​, and forever dreaming of one day learning the beautiful ways of hoop dance, ​tragedy and loss of self pushed me toward fulfilling my dream.

I lost my parents one right after the other in early 2013 and in turn, lost myself.​

It was through hoop dance that I was able to bring myself back to center, shift my pain, and facilitate my own healing through flow and movement. In June of 2013, I traveled to Prague for Hoopurbia, the World’s first urban hoop conference. I had the pleasure of working with Hoopurbia Founder, Rebecca Halls, Chief Visionary Officer of Education at Hoopnotica, Jacqui Becker, Shakti Sunfire and Kiani DEL Valle, dance teacher and choreographer.

​It was exactly what I needed and ​such a blessing to connect with myself ​again ​and a community that I couldn’t even begin to explain how perfect they were and needed in my life at that time.​
For more of my story…


Was there a defining moment when you knew that you simply had to share the hoop love and start teaching hoop dance?

Oh absolutely. It was right there and then at Hoopurbia. The way I felt there with my tribe, the way I connected with myself and those around me was a feeling I never knew was accessible in this life.
​ ​
I returned home with a fire and passion burning within and without hesitation, became a certified hoop instructor so that I could begin to share that passion, fun, community, love and healing, that hoop dance had given me within my community.
Not only did I create Just Flow Fun and begin teaching immediately, but I started making custom made-to-order hoops for my friends and students as a way to let my creative juices continue to flow in this new art form. You can see some of my creations HERE.

What was it like to teach your first hoop class?

I taught my first class in a tiny little yoga studio (Prenti Yoga Bristol) that could only fit FIVE hoopers in it. My first students were friends and co-workers and yet I was terrified! I can recall my notes looking like a novel that a crazy person wrote and feeling like I was going to vomit the entire time. I must have had them all fooled though because they kept coming back and even fighting over spaces in class.

Has much changed since your beginnings as a hoop teacher to now?

I still have the crazy person notes from time to time when I have far too much I want to teach, but the space at the community center where I’m teaching now isn’t an issue and holds 20 new and old students each week. We have beginners starting all the time and our community has gone from about 5 to 60 hoopers! My terror is long gone and I can proudly say that still have yet to vomit. Ha!

​What excites you most about being part of the global hoop community?​

​The abundance of love, support, inspiration and knowledge. Each day I’m inspired and pushed by this community to look beyond not just what’s possible in the hoop but at life’s possibilities, questions and answers and in to something so very deep and essential to the World and our growth. It’s remarkable to think how much a little circle has changed my World and a daily delight thinking about what an impact this global hoop community can (and WILL) have on the entire world. ​
I can’t wait to see what we all create together!

Do you have any words of wisdom for hoop teachers around the world?

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” -Buddha
Share your hoop experiences and the joy hooping has brought to your life with coworkers, friends and heck, even strangers! Invite them over or meet up in parks to hoop and share the love. Sharing your happiness and love of hooping will cultivate your advocates and create your cheerleaders. These are the people who will help bring others in to share the hoop love and build your business. Be and share who you are and BREATH, you’ve got this! Not throwing up also helps.

What are your grand visions for the rest of the year and venturing into 2015?

Sooo many grand visions, especially after sharing in the Sacred Circularities Sedona retreat magic I was lucky enough to be involved in recently. My most grand vision for the rest of the year is to stay tuned in to my intuition and my hoop tribe and to continue to bring the hoop love to my CT community as much as possible. I feel so blessed to be able to share something so personal and important in a way that I believe can help others and change our community.

How do you describe that feeling when you are spinning in your hoop?

Connected, Joyous, Abundant, Healed, Inspired

Thank you Steph for sharing your powerful story of healing. Heart opening and humbling, you are a shining light for us all; an inspiration to teachers and students all over. Thank you.

Find Stephanie Walsh all over:

Just Flow Fun
Instagram: @justflowfun​

6 Reasons Not to Skip Your Warm Up Before Hooping

6 Reasons Not to Skip Your Warm Up Before Hooping

You are excited to get into the spin. You don’t have time to warm up. You feel ready enough to start dancing without a warm up. I get it! But check out these reasons why you really don’t want to skip your warm up before you start your practice or playtime!

1. A gentle and gradual warm up will help you to get into the zone mentally and physically. Have you ever rushed to get into your hoop practice or workout only to find you fall flat super quickly and can’t find your groove? A few minutes of warm up time will prime your mind and body for a more open and creative hoop time.

2. A warm up will give you more hoop stamina, you can spin for longer. A warm up gradually increases the oxygen being sent to your muscles so they can prepare for longer lasting movement.

3. A spike in your blood pressure and hormonal levels can effect energy. So if you want to feel more energised throughout your hoop time a warm up will prepare your system for that.

4. Give your muscles and joints some time to prepare for a full range of movement, a warm up may allow you to find new range and expansion.

5. The last thing we want as hoopers are injuries to our ligaments, tendons and muscles. A warm up can help the body prepare for the extra workload and help avoid pain and injury.

6. A warm up gets the blood circulating throughout the body helping to flush and energise the muscles. This may also have the effect of helping to eliminate unwanted toxins that may cause muscle soreness.

Try some of these warm ups before your next hoop practice or create your preferred warm up. Sometimes a gentle on body hoop drill can get you ready to rock.

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