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Behind the Back Moves – Part 1

Behind the Back Moves – Part 1

The Swing Start has been a favourite hoop move of mine for a long time, it allows you to go with the hoop flow. As with all moves though I like to dissect them after a while see where else they might lead.

In this older tutorial I showed you the Swing Start to Mandala move.

But this week, and for the next three weeks, I want to share some variations of this move.

The first variation is to move into the swing start then follow through into an elbow pass.


This is my Dance

This is my Dance

This is my dance. Messy & uneven much like my hair.

This is my dance. Most commonly done with a circle or two.

This is my dance. It is my art.

This is my dance. Through it I learn to live.

This is my dance. Never perfect but always real.

This is my dance. It doesn’t look or feel like another’s because it is mine.

This is my dance. It is also my medicine.

This is my dance. Unleashed with pure intention to feel good.

This is my dance. New every time.

This is my dance. Unbridled and ecstatic without thought, just feeling.

This is my dance. Through it I tell a story that can be read in many ways.

This is my dance. Unrehearsed and unrestricted.

This is my dance. Void of flashy tricks.

This is my dance. Cell nourishing and soul feeding.

This is my dance. As alive as it can be in this moment.

This is my dance. It can’t be taught; you have one of your very own.

Find space. Grab your hoop. Press play. Don’t think. Just move. Dance more. It’s yours.

Break & Fold – Hula Hoop Trick Tutorial

Break & Fold – Hula Hoop Trick Tutorial

Following on from last week’s Paddles & Breaks tutorial (which got a lot of love, thank you so much!) this week I want to share a funky little move that can be used in a Flow Session or to shift up your hoop dance. It is a great transition from shoulder and chest hooping.

I also wanted to say that these break and reverse moves are are awesome as a workout or meditation. So even if you are using your hula hoop for exercise or weight loss don’t disregard these dance transitions, they are created to give you a full body work out.

So grab your hoop and let’s go. This week I am using a 90cm polypro hoop from Super Hooper but you can use an adult size dance hoop (a weighted hoop may be too heavy for these kinds of hoop dance transitions)

If you enjoyed it or you got this trick with a bit of practice give the vid a thumbs up or leave me a little love below, it is always amazing to hear your hoop cheers!

Paddling and Breaking – A Hoop Move Tutorial

Paddling and Breaking – A Hoop Move Tutorial

This paddle and break move is one of the most requested tutorials I have had recently.

I have to say that I have not been to a class with Baxter, whom I believe to be the pioneer of the paddling technique, this is a rhythm that I came to understand in my own body.

I had even thought of clearing my schedule and flying all the way to North Carolina to the Hoop Path Retreat just to get a glimpse of Baxter doing his thing in real time. Sadly that wasn’t possible so I had to figure it out myself. This is a variation of paddling that is a left and right rotation with breaks. This is just one form of paddling with breaks and will likely open up new patterns and rhythm in your hooping.

For more inspiration check out some of the videos I watched to help me understand and teach the basic symmetrical paddle and break move.

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