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4 Fancy Palm Spins : Hoop Tutorial Part 1

4 Fancy Palm Spins : Hoop Tutorial Part 1

Ready for something a little fancy this week? Woohoo!

Let’s explore some palm spin variations. These take some practice, confidence and letting go but they are magical when they happen.

Try these variations out this week and next week we will be working on a Flow Session with these palm spins.

Do you use a lot of off body moves in your hoop dance or are you a body rocker?

Air Flow Session – Hoop Dance Tutorial

Air Flow Session – Hoop Dance Tutorial

Getting stuck in a hoop rut? Often doing the same off body moves? Try this week’s Air Flow Session tutorial. An off body hoop dance sequence that uses light touch, release, balance and an isolation popped in for added fun.

Your fun hoop challenge is to link this week’s flow session with the one we worked on last week?

Download Beginners & Beyond Package.

p.s. The hoop I am using is from SuperHooper It is a fluro green poly pro and I happen to LOVE it!

Flow Sessions Mega Mix

Flow Sessions Mega Mix

Want to get serious(ly rad) with your hoop dance flow?

Getting stuck learning trick after trick but not sure how to put them all together?

I present you with the Flow Sessions Mega Mix. If you have been following along with my past tutorials you will know all of the moves in this tutorial. Let’s explore how to move them together and cruise through the transitions between each move.

I can’t wait to see your version of it!

Want to learn Flow Session more? Download 12 Week Flow Sessions

This is the Keep Calm and Hula Hoop tank.

Love Video – Q&A with Deanne Love

Love Video – Q&A with Deanne Love

I love all of your questions and I want to answer them all, I truly do. If there were another 20 hours a day I could totally sit down and type you big, bold, beautiful responses like I dream of…but some how time flies (because I am having so much FUN!) So we deiced to make you a little Love Video from me to YOU.

Check out the video and the links below for more goodies.

Chest Hooping… there is a link in the video but here are some more chest hooping tutorials that will help you!

Beginner hoopers, don’t give up there is so much fun to be had. Here is Part 2 to my How to Hula Hoop for Total Beginners.

Tape from Pretty Sticky in Australia. Hoopologie in the US. Fancy Tapes in the UK. There are others around though so leave us a comment below if you get rad hoop tape from somewhere cool.

My Spotify profile is Deanne Love

My amazing sunglasses in this vid made in Melbourne by Cut Throat on the Street

Where to buy a hoop? Check out Etsy or There are so many gorgeous hoop makers on the internet. If you make and sell hoops please leave your details int he comments below!

How to choose the right size hoop for you.

Leggings love! There are just too many links to include them all. But I love the locally made leggings from New Model Beauty Queen in Australia. I often have a quick check on ASOS. Black Milk have featured in some of my vids. Ebay sometimes rocks my world. But I love great cotton or bamboo fabrics that feel good and are easy to hoop in.

Hope you found this Q&A helpful. If you have a question for me leave it below this blog post or below the video on YouTube and I will try to answer it in my next Love Video!

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