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Emma Shares the Wedgie

Emma Shares the Wedgie

Whenever I think of Emma of Hooping Mad I think of blue hair, bad ass hoop skills and crotches. Yes she is the crotch queen. Literally. Check out her online workshop the Crotch Extravaganza.

This week we are lucky enough to have the super cool instruction that Emma offers and we are going to rock out the Back Spin Wedgie Kick Up.

There is just one thing that Emma teaches that I swore I would never do. Well watch this video all the way to the end and you will find out exactly how Emma made me blush!

How to Meditate With Your Hoop

How to Meditate With Your Hoop

Over the years I have enjoyed various forms of meditation. I remember my first introduction to meditation was laying in my back yard starring up at the clouds as a child. Later came the full body guided meditation by a funky drama teacher in high school. I remember my mum taking me to a crystal meditation group. These days I have a consistent meditation practice and it is inside the hoop .

In this week’s tutorial I am going to guide you through a break and reverse meditation inside your hoop. Use this as a guide to creating your own break & reverse patterns.


Extra Discount for Hoop Lovers at this Year’s Sacred Circularities

Extra Discount for Hoop Lovers at this Year’s Sacred Circularities
(Photos by: Cadence Clare Feeley at Cadencia Photography )
I am seriously counting down the days until Sacred Circularities in Bali. Last year was such a magical and powerful experience I wouldn’t miss it! So why don’t you come with me? Yes!!
There is just 10 days left to grab the early bird price of $1425US, a savings of $175US This discounted price ends March 15.
PLUS if you contact Jaguar Mary via this form and let her know that HOOPLOVERS sent you by clicking “other” and typing in HOOPLOVERS at the bottom of the  form you will receive a FURTHER $100 DISCOUNT!
SC 2014
Sacred Circularities is a life-enhancing, deeply transforming experience in movement community.

Retreat registration includes 7 days of immersion into hoop dance and movement meditation including accommodation (double occupancy), breakfast, lunch, airport pick-up, excursions (for on-site registrants) and all workshops.

Plus, enjoy unlimited access to all the amenities of our amazing retreat center, Ananda Cottages. Take a walk through gorgeous Balinese ricefields every morning, relax at one of the property’s three swimming pools, enjoy the sounds of traditional Balinese music and witness the daily honoring of the Gods of Bali at the retreat center’s many on-property shrines.

The current early-bird registration rate for the Sacred Circularities Hoop Dance and Movement Meditation is $1,425 for one retreat week until Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Save $175US off the Standard retreat rate of $1,595US! Register with a friend for $1,250 each!

Weave Sequence like a Ninja

Weave Sequence like a Ninja

Anything is better than nothing, right?

Do you stop yourself from trying things because you already assume you are not good enough or ready? Or maybe you are like me and create strict expectations of how everything “should” be before trying, having a go, completing.

Ugh! When I think of all the times that I have stopped myself because I wasn’t “ready” it makes me cringe.

On Sunday I faced that challenge and internal struggle. I had been playing around in my studio and was really loving this weave sequence, it felt so good in my body. I immediately wanted to share it with you. But things weren’t perfect…I didn’t have anything cool to wear, I was feeling way too tired to be on camera, I couldn’t be bothered putting on make up to film, the warehouse that we film in was so freaking noisy at the time, I had never taught this weave sequence before and wasn’t sure if I could.

THEN I just dropped all that junk. And found a way to side step the need for perfection and just do it!

Here is the product of that letting go – a weave sequence. An unpolished, off the cuff, Madonna mic and all tutorial for you. I love this weave sequence and I hope you do too.

When have you dropped the need for perfection? How did it feel?

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