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Thank You. What’s next?

Thank You. What’s next?

This morning I woke up to a buzzing phone and through blurry eyes read a message from my Mum congratulating me. At first I couldn’t comprehend why but when I hit the fb news feed I was overjoyed and filled with gratitude. Thank you hooper for supporting me to be named Hoop Instructor of the year on Still not really comprehending it given the amazing talent that was nominated in the same category. I am super grateful and just really happy that you have found my teaching useful.

Thank you!

If you could read the messages in my inbox you would burst into tears, so heartfelt and real. I am beyond grateful and sending out so much love – can you feel it?

You will never guess what I did to celebrate. Or maybe you will. I went out and had the most decadent hot chocolate in town.

After the initial shock my Capricorn heart skipped a beat and thought, “OK what is next? I have to make 2014 even more amazing!” And you can help by leaving a comment below answering these questions:

What do you want to learn in 2014? How can I be of better service to you? What kinds of videos would you like to see on my YouTube channel?

If you are not receiving my weekly love letter yet, you can sign up from this page.

Collect and Connect – A Flow Session to Smooth Out Some Moves

Collect and Connect – A Flow Session to Smooth Out Some Moves

This week we are connecting some of the tricks that we have collected and dancing them out in a flow session.

Let’s start with a Tuck Throw from my 4 Fun Throws tutorial. Blending that with a reverse escalator and then an upward escalator flip & fold you got yourself a funky hooping concoction.

You may feel the need to break this Flow Session down into chunks and then have some fun smoothing it all out!

Download Flow Session Video Package if you want to learn more about flow movements.

Enjoy xx

 Learn Flow Hula Hoop

Melbourne Are You Ready for Some Fun?

Melbourne Are You Ready for Some Fun?

OK Melbourne…let’s get into the spin.

Classes start February 3 and you are invited. But don’t miss out. You will need to reserve your space.

Here is the timetable for Melbourne Hoop Classes Term 1 2014

Monday 7:30 – 9pm with Deanne Love
Irene Warehouse 5 Pitt St Brunswick East

Monday 7:30 – 9pm with Donna Sparx
RecWest YMCA Footscray Cnr Essex & Market Street West Footscray

Tuesday 7:30 – 9 with Cat
Uniting Church 271 Burnley street Richmond

Wednesday with Deanne Love
Irene Warehouse 5 Pitt St Brunswick East

Thursday 7:30 – 9 with Deanne Love
Uniting Church 271 Burnley street Richmond

>> Book Term1 Melbourne Hula Hoop Classes Now

And if all of that was not enough I will be teaching workshops at some amazing events to kick start 2014.

Don’t miss my Rainbow Serpent Festival offering – Hoop Dance Your Pants Off (pants optional) at 9am Monday morning at the Lotus Temple. Followed by Emma Kenna at 10am. As Emma says “you lot can all sleep after hoop class”

I totally want to play with you at Dancing Ground Festival. If you love good grooves, good people and good food you must check this out. I feel very honored to be sharing hoop love at this incredible event for the 3rd time. Feb 21 – 24 – be there.

And it is with great excitement that I was invited to teach at Wanderlust International Festival as it makes it’s way to Melbourne for the very first time. You can reserve your space here as it is very limited.

What a huge start to the year we have. But there is always MORE so keep checking in for updates and hoop excitement. I will be back on Tuesday with the weekly FREE tutorials…it is a fun flow session this week

The Disadvantage of Trick Collecting

The Disadvantage of Trick Collecting

Are you a trick collector?

Hey I am guilty of it too. Always hungry for new moves and challenges. Trick after trick filling you up, making your brain pop. There is nothing wrong at all with that. However one of the most common limitations I hear from hoopers is their lack of “hoop flow” and by that they mean being able to smoothly link moves or tricks together.

Learning tricks in isolation to each other and not linking them to other moves has the disadvantage of completely stunting your hoop dance flow. Of course you must practice moves independently to master the technicalities but if that is where the spin stops then you have left a big gap in your practice.

A powerful habit to get into even if you are trick collecting is always be thinking about what other moves can connect with your new tricks, before and after the move. So the next time you learn something new see if you can create a mini flow sequence with it; one or two moves before and after it that fit smoothly.

This week’s tutorial is an example of that. Last week we did 4 fun throws and I took the elbow throw and created a sequence to flow through it. Enjoy.

Download Flow Session Video Package if you want to learn more about flow movements.




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