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Setting Soulful Goals that Feel Good

Setting Soulful Goals that Feel Good

On January 1, 2007 I sat down in a raw food restaurant in Tokyo, Japan and set 65 goals for myself; for the first time ever in my life.

Manageable and measurable goals.

They flowed onto the paper like I was open to some source of pure creativity, as I wrote I could clearly visualize (most of) them manifesting, in action. With heart and soul I let my dreams pour onto the page. When the writing naturally stopped, the reading, reviewing and believing began. I kept the pile of paper with my heartfelt goals close by me daily, I carried them around, put them on my desk at work, scanned them while I was riding the train. I don’t think I really had any clue what I was getting myself into or how powerful that beautiful New Years Day writing meditation would prove to be.

Still a full time primary school teacher at the time of goal creation I was ferociously learning step by step in my tiny Tokyo apartment. The name Hoop Lovers was not even a thought nor had I fully realized the community and company that it would become. The goals never said anything about the miraculous body and soul revival, the global travel and connections or the financial and spiritual abundance that would manifest. They were clear and simple goals that would work as the foundational underbelly of a life filled with hoops, creativity, healing, movement and expansion.

They were big wishes.

While my dreams and hopes poured into the goal writing they were also very methodical and practical. I wanted to measure my achievement and score my success. I wrote concise goals like “I will be a certified hoop dance instructor by April, 2007” “I will learn how to make hula hoops by April, 2007” I will start a weekly hoop jam in Yoyogi Park by May, 2007” “I will purchase a monthly yoga pass at Yogajaya and practice Ashtanga at least 3 times a week by February 2007” “I will hand in my resignation at work by September 2007”

By September of the same year I had crossed off over three quarters of those goals as achieved, some of them were pretty lofty.

Before this journey back in 2007 I thought goal setting and creating plans was reserved for boring business men. The magical manifestations taught me that setting goals with soul was a powerful way to map out and create a whole new reality. My life has completely changed for the better because of it.

The process of creation is a simple one but it requires your love and attention.

So I have created a little map for you, a template for manifestation of newness and creativity. You can view your worksheet here and download/print if you wish.

 Create My Hooping Goals

This worksheet is a printable one you can use to craft a fabulous plan. Or you can simply use the 4 steps outlined to map out a gorgeous strategy of your own.

  1. FEEL : Hooping makes me feel…
  2. RELEASE : I am ready to release….
  3. FOCUS  : I am committing to…
  4. ACTION  : My goals for 2014 are…

Take some time to craft your own measurable goals. Clear and specific, allow them to flow. There is no need to write 65, often one clear statement of intention and purpose can be the most powerful.

What is your heartfelt purpose for 2014? What are your goals?

My one and only goal in 2013 was to be consistent, to share hoop love weekly and stick to that plan. I feel really excited to have stayed with it for the whole year and ecstatic about the friends I have made and expansiveness of all things as a consequence. Thank you for supporting me to stick to my goal.

To get your gold star for doing your holiday homework let me know below;

  • How does hooping make you feel? How do you want to feel?
  • What are you ready to let go of?
  • What are you committing to?
  • What are your goals or goal for 2014? (hooping or other)

Here is some more juice to help you whip up a fabulous 2014 reality filled with wonder; written by ladies I adore of course.

Chest Hooping Trouble Shooting | Are my boobs are too big?

Chest Hooping Trouble Shooting | Are my boobs are too big?

This week’s video is a topless trouble shooting extravaganza!

Chest hooping takes a lot of practice and patience but it is such a gorgeous heart opening, flexibility expanding dance. So it is of course worth the energy and time.

Here are some actionable steps to make it easier for you.

Step 1

Work on coiling the hoop up your body little by little being mindful of your posture and amping up the pace of your hoop. Lock off the movement in your hips so that the dominant movement is just above your hoop.

Step 2

Practice keeping momentum while chest hooping. Make space for your hoop, give it a firm flat spin and feel in to where you are connecting with your hoop. Melt or push into your hoop with your chest, side, back and side. Find a rhythm while being aware of your upright but relaxed posture and making space on your chest by keeping your arms up and out of the way (unless you are doing a hoop zombie act)

Step 3

Play around with my “down – up” chest pop to smoothly take the hoop up and over any bumps 😉 Timing, posture, pace, play, practice, patience – POWER! Watch my video to see how it is done



Vortex Variations – 4 Ways to Get Into Your Vortex

Vortex Variations – 4 Ways to Get Into Your Vortex

The Vortex is such a magical move. Fabulous for getting in touch with the flow and movement of your hoop and body, wonderful coordination builder and definitely a strengthening move. However for some hoopers the Vortex often feels more like being tangled in silly string than a floating hoop spiral.

If you are one of those hoopers no need to shy away from this whirlpool of hoop movement anymore. I have got some variations for you to play with and a ton of trouble shooting ideas. Enjoy!

4 Hoop Dance Transitions from Vertical Hooping

4 Hoop Dance Transitions from Vertical Hooping

The thing I love about hoop dance is there are always so many options to get from point A to point B. A bit like life really. When one way doesn’t work for you, your option is to drill and practice until it does or get creative and find a different way.

This week I want to give you 4 pathways to take the hoop off your body while vertical hooping.

They are not they only ways but are definitely four that I use a lot.

Now vertical hooping can be tricky so here is a tutorial I did a while ago about the Booty Bump



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