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The Dancefloor Queen Hooper Style Guide

The Dancefloor Queen Hooper Style Guide
She’s a maniac on the d-floor. So balanced and light on her feet that hooping in heels is a challenge she is always up for. Her purple and galaxy fetish is balanced with golden bling, she makes a style statement where ever she roams. Her current mantra is “Be Dazzling” and she wears it well. With a dash of Lime Crime gold glitter and a spritz of Girlfriend she is ready to let loose in the club.

When she steps out onto the street after a whirlwind night on the dance floor she is never without fabulous eyewear and a ridiculously cool hoodie of some description. Naturally any true matriarch of the disco winds down with a hoop jam in her Dancefloor Queen hoop before drifting off to sparkly dream land.

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Wellbeing: Easy Peasy Nori Rolls For Ninjas

Wellbeing: Easy Peasy Nori Rolls For Ninjas

Yes of course ninjas eat nori rolls. I have seen them. I live with one. Promise.

Let me show you the yummiest, fastest and easiest snack for stealth.

You will need:

Pack of Nori sheets

An avocado

Moyashi (bean sprouts)

Firm tofu (deep fried or not)


Sweet chilli sauce



Rinse spinach, cucumber, moyashi and tofu.

Mash avocado into a smooth paste and add a few drops of sweet chilli sauce, to taste.

Chop tofu and cucumber into strips.

Lay out nori sheet. Layer ingredients along one edge of the sheet about 2cm in from the side.

Carefully roll ingredients up in the nori.

You can make them all at once. Or just gobble as you go.

For extra ninja points…

use organic.

buy local.

and take a reusable shopping bag with you.

bonus points if you walk or ride your bike to the store.

gold plated ninja stars to you if you hula hoop in the aisles of your super market.

Oh and…

this meal cost me approximately $11

it made 10 large rolls of goodness

and took about 5 minutes (excluding stopping to take pictures every step of the way)

Bonus fact…

Nori is the Japanese word for edible, dried seaweed. It is also a boy’s name.



Can I Hug You?

Can I Hug You?

Do you mind if my hoop joins in too? Group, hoop hug!

Bring more hugs into your hoop dance flow I say. I am in love with this move, it is just so snuggly.

Try it on for size and share a hoop hug with someone you love today!


The Blogcademy – Love, Sparkles and Powerful Insights

The Blogcademy – Love, Sparkles and Powerful Insights

When news hit that blogging powerhouses Gala Darling (Gala Darling), Kat Williams (Rock n Roll Bride) and Shauna Haider (Nubby Twiglet) were bringing their stylish buns to Melbourne I was scrambling to my inbox with excitement.  As the headmistresses of their cleverly crafted Blogcademy workshops they would be dropping in to share their pearls of wisdom with a group of very lucky ladies. I needed a piece of that cake.

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