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Weekly Hoop Jam

Weekly Hoop Jam

Hey hey sparkling one, how has your week been? Magical I hope!

What a week it was here in hoop land. Between packed out classes, racing to get hoops made before the post office shuts and private lessons I have been cramming in some green smoothies this week. I am absolutely in love with Simple Green Smoothies. Their recipes are so delish but I just love how easy and stylish these ladies make everything; I am a big fan!

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Hoopspiration : Top 11 New Tunes – Hoop It Up

Hoopspiration : Top 11 New Tunes – Hoop It Up

Three things you need to get the party started anywhere, anytime: tunes, hula hoops and friends.

When this blog post was first written back in 2013 the top tunes were Macklemore, Disclosure and Pitbull. I think this post needs an update.

What is your fav hoop song? Let us know here and go in the draw to WIN wireless headphones 


Check below for new hooping playlists and Hoop Love Body Pop workouts set to some killer tracks plus a few Insta posts to some of this year’s top hooping songs.




Thank you, thank you, thank you. Slow jam through the highs and lows. #hooping #hooplovers #thankyou

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Fool for your : Kilter

Is this love remix : Bob Marley

Housework Jax Jones


Hula Hoop Dance to I GOT YOU Duke Dumont

Best Standing Ab Hula Hoop Work out – Beautiful Liar

Hula Hoop Dance to Sorry Justin Bieber


Now go hoop! Want to get hula hoop tricks? Want to train with me? Check out Hooplovers’ hula hoop online courses.

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Using the Hoop to Heal – Opening Up into the Light

Using the Hoop to Heal – Opening Up into the Light

Has hooping ever healed you? Helped you? Soothed you? Changed you?

Life can change when we least expect it.

Two years ago I was struggling to settle into living in Australia after going through one of the most traumatic experiences of my life; being in Tokyo when the huge earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in 2011.

I had no idea what I was going to do to support us and to move on with life. The only thing I knew to do was hoop.

I don’t even clearly remember the process, all I know is that this hoop dance piece came out of that dark time. It was my coming back into the light.
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